We enjoyed a successful first-ever Astros World Series Victory Parade today! The weather was hot but the sky was sunny! We enjoyed another first (during my years here anyway): "Airplane 11" pulled our new, "KHOU stands with the Astros" banner, proudly over the city in support of our winning team! Meanwhile, our helicopter, "Air 11" joined, and a set of four NASA T-38 jets did a flyby. (The jets flew at 1,500 feet, 360mph. Our banner-pulling airplane flew at 900 feet high, going between 60-120mph, while our chopper hovered about 500feet. It was a busy, but safely stacked sky.)

Here's the orbiting air route the airplane pulling our banner, and our helicopter took over the parade. They were safely separated from each other in their altitude, but if you attended the parade and looked up, you saw KHOU, "on the air!"

Talk about a sky-high day of flyovers for the Astros Parade!

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Meteorologist Brooks Garner, KHOU 11 News. (2017)