HOUSTON – Six protesters were removed by Houston police during a demonstration in the Meyerland area Tuesday morning.

They were hand-cuffed and arrested because they sat in the middle of the 610 Frontage Road while holding banners and blocking traffic.

“Workers united, we’ll never be defeated” chanted a crowd of several dozen during the protest which started around 6:15 a.m.

Low-wage earners are demanding better pay and benefits to the tune of $15 an hour. That would be more than double what the federal minimum wage is now – $7.25 an hour since 2009.

“It’s not fair getting paid minimum wage,” said Jesica Morales who works at a fast food restaurant. “I don’t have enough to pay my bills. I have three children at home. And it’s struggling.”

Fast food workers were joined by airport workers and Uber drivers during the protest for better pay and benefits.

“You don’t have sick days,” explained Morales. “You don’t have vacation days because they always need you.”

Workers say they want to show newly-elected politicians that they mean business when it comes to better pay.

“We want to create the middle class,” said protestor Isaias Sapon. “Right now we don’t have no more middle class.”