Time to do it Ken Bone style: break out the sweaters, preferably a red one.

The strong cold front that rocketed through the Houston area on Thursday has delivered on its promise to bring October back to an area dominated by early September.

Temperatures area wide Saturday dipped into the nippy range with 48 degrees being reported at Bush-Intercontinental, officially the chilliest recording there of the season.

So there are a few things I get excited about this time of year: Texas A&M football and cold weather. It's just the way it is for me.

While I depend on Texas A&M to control the tide along side the moon, I suspect it'll be Alabama bringing the heat, much like the high pressure that currently dominates our weather this week.

The high pressure cell that settled in over Houston Saturday morning allowed our temperatures to cool quickly under cloudless skies and light winds. However it's that same high pressure that will give us a southeasterly wind as it scoots off to the east of us beginning Saturday afternoon. That means the heat and humidity are back in the forecast. We're talking mid 80s for highs starting as early as Sunday.