Crash investigators are trying to figure out which officer is at fault after two police cruisers slammed into each other.

The wreck happened Friday afternoon in southwest Houston. A Houston Police spokesperson tells KHOU 11 News the two units, each carrying two officers, were headed to help with a nearby foot chase before one cruiser crashed into the back of the other.

The crash happened as the drivers of both police cars were making a right-hand turn onto Gatlinburg Street from West Bellfort.

All four officers were taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital. As of Saturday morning, all four officers have been discharged.

One of the officers suffered a leg injury, and two others had bumps and bruises, according to a spokesperson for the department.

Investigators from the department’s Vehicular Crimes Division are looking into the crash. Lieutenant Issac Duplechain said that investigation will determine which officer is to blame, adding “Speed is always a factor in these cases. I don’t know if it is necessary a determining factor.”

The department says each of the four injured officers had been with the department for 1 to 2 years.

Police noted the person being chased by officers in the call these four officers were responding to was arrested.