HOUSTON --Two pit bulls attacked a woman in her driveway Wednesday as she was getting home from the grocery store in Northwest Harris County.

It happened on Peachfield Circle around 1 p.m.


"She stepped out of the car with the two grocery bags in her hand, so she couldn't defend herself at all," said neighbor Abraham Enriquez. "She got bitten on her arm and her breast and she screamed so one of the kids came out in sandals trying to drive the dogs away, but it wasn't really helping."


Her family said they were throwing sandals to try to scare the dogs away. Then neighbors came out yelling too and finally scared them off enough that she could get inside.

The dogs were calm as animal control took them away. The woman was also taken away by ambulance with pretty serious arm injuries. There was a clear trail of blood leading back inside the house where she was trying to get away.


"They were on her just like that. I could hear her beating on the door trying to get in. It was just horrible screams," said another neighbor, Johnny Campos.

The dogs burst through the fence at a neighbor's house. The folks there said they were taking care of the dogs for a friend and have only had them a couple weeks.

One of the caretakers said she tried to get the dogs back inside after they broke out and one of them attacked her too, hurting her arm, before it went for the neighbor.

She didn't want to show her face or name, but did share her injuries and her regrets, saying, "I'm sorry that happened. I wish it was me he was attacking and not them."

That caretaker said she has not been told anything more about what's happening with the dogs, and there's no word yet from Harris County Sheriff's Deputies about any potential charges.