A special 101-year-old Astros fan says his next birthday wish is for the Astros to make the World Series.

Walter Peine turns 102 years old on Oct. 20 which is right before the start of the World Series.

These days he calls Belmont Village home, watching Bloomberg TV for updates on the stock market, and of course, following the Astros.

He’s a World War II veteran who used to root for the old Houston Buffs minor league team.

Walter’s favorite player is Jose Altuve.

“It’s impressive to see a player his size hit so well and run so fast,” said Peine. “He’s fun to watch.”

He couldn't wait to talk baseball with KHOU 11’s Daniel Gotera and even shared some advice for the guys in the dugout.

“You need to hit more,” says Walter.

Be sure to check out Walter Peine’s full interview on KHOU 11’s Sports Extra Show on Sunday.