As the rain chances fizzle the temperatures will soon begin to sizzle. Sounds like an old folklore tale but the heat is about to get serious as we close out the "July-Fry" and head into August.

So far, anecdotally speaking, Houston has had a cool summer -- especially when compared to the likes of scalding hot summers like we experienced in 2011. We also haven't hit 100° yet at Bush-Intercontinental Airport; Hobby either for that matter. Take a look at the comparison of this season from January 1st until July 16th to that of 2011 during the same time frame:

Through July 16th, we had already observed 44 days of 95° or better in 2011 compared to only 13 days in 2017. In 2011 we had already had multiple 100 degree days, two of which were 105°. So far this year we've scored zero 100s.

But all that could soon change as we head into the last week of July.

A large high pressure system over the Midwest will begin to expand its influence over Texas. That will squash our rain chances as the temperatures are sent soaring.

Current indications are that the actual air temperature could touch 100 at a number of recording sites around southeast Texas with heat index values exceeding 108 degrees.

The National Weather Service's threshold for heat advisories in our areas is 108° or better. Therefore I suspect we'll see advisories hoisted for the region within the next few days.

The only recording site to officially report 100° in southeast Texas this season is College Station back on July 15th and July 20th. Houston has only made it to 97° on the 20th.

It's no guarantee that we'll reach 100° at Bush. Given the wet pattern of the summer it could be possible we won't hit 100 at all. That's not so unusual either.

Looking back in the records dating back to 1889, there have been many years, sixty to be exact, that Houston didn't hit 100°. The last time being in 2014. Before that, the summers of 1996 and 1997 didn't see 100 either.

Whether we hit 100° or not next week is really semantics. It's going to be extremely hot and heat precautions will certainly need to be followed, including looking after our special four-legged friends. Remember, hot pads equal hot concrete. Please watch after your animals. It's not fair to leave them outside in a fur coat. Thanks in advance!