HOUSTON - NSFW, or “not safe for work,” topics have peppered this year’s presidential election.

So how have schools dealt with the delicate issues? We found a frank discussion inside a Heights High School class.

“This is your opportunity to give your real thoughts,” said social studies teacher, Chad High.

Students in Mr. High’s class chimed in on the presidential election after the 3rd period bell on Friday.

“It’s mostly like a reality show,” said one student of this year's election. “One making fun of the other.”

“Like the only thing that goes viral is somebody really against Trump or really against Hillary,” said another student.

No topic is ever off limits when the classroom door closes.

“It’s just 'Trump made a negative comment here, Trump made a negative comment here,'" said a student.

High says some of the adult themes of this election have made teaching it more of a challenge.

“You use a topic like that to talk about how it may detract from the issues,” said High.

Issues are what pushed 18-year-old Frankie Sosa to the polls for the very first time.

“I’d rather have a say in the matter than not vote at all,” said Sosa.

He wishes the candidates would focus more on what’s important.

“They tie each other to the dumbest things in the ads,” said Sosa. “They don’t even talk about actual policies.”

These high schoolers have higher hopes for the next election.

“I think everyone will be really happy if we have some quiet, respectful candidates,” said one student.

Perhaps, one day, they will be among them.

“This generation gets a bad rap,” said Mr. High. “And I am hopeful for the future, I am.”