HOUSTON - Members of the Haitian community in Houston are speaking out after President Trump's alleged derogatory comments about immigrants.

One man, a local Haitian author, spoke to KHOU 11 reporter Larry Seward on Friday.

Jean Cius says the latest media attention is a chance to highlight what Haitian-Americans really represent: resilience.

Cius lost his father at a young age and then he lost his sister to starvation. His family suffered but his mother would say: "'God has a lot of children. He's giving a lot of food today but he didn't forget you guys. He will feed you tomorrow.' so to watch my mother go through this on a daily basis was a struggle. That was very hard for us."

A former teacher, he now helps builds homes and clinics back in Haiti even after earthquakes and hurricanes knock them down.

"Others gave me when I didn't have anything. So it's my turn now to give back to others that don't have anything." he said.

He's learned when things look bad, there's usually chance to make good; and with the President's latest comments, he sees space for Haitian pride.

"I want everyone including Number 45 to know that Haitians are resilient. Haitians are determined." he said.

Haitians we spoke to expect no apology from Trump and some are talking about doing a nationwide demonstration of sorts, perhaps boycotting work for a day