HOUSTON - At Lone Star College North Harris campus flood victims have become students.

"As soon as Harvey finished, that's when we came in," said Eric Arjon.

Arjon enrolled in a workplace program here, shortly after being displaced from his home. Now he and so many others are learning the skilled labor needed to build Houston back up after Hurricane Harvey.

"If I can do it myself, why pay for someone else?" said Arjon. "Instead of hiring someone, I'm going to learn, I'm going to do it myself."

Later this month, Lone Star College will officially unveil its new Construction and Skilled Trades Technology Center, a state of the art facility where students will learn skills more valuable now than ever before.

"Our students who graduate are going to be the same people who are going to help rebuild homes and businesses so we can be bigger, better and stronger," said Gerald Napoles, President of Lone Star College North Harris.

Arjon is just one example Lone Star College officials say of students who are turning to this type of training post-Harvey.

"A lot of people are looking for skilled workers," said Napoles.

The jobs are out there and Lone Star College is empowering flood victims to lock those jobs in.

Arjon's focusing on HVAC training, others are learning how to restore flooded cars. It's real-life training that will have a real-world impact on so many families still looking to rebuild.

"It's very important we all work on it together and start bringing Houston back up," said Arjon.