Seven-year-old Alexis captured the heart of Houston when not one of her friends showed up to her birthday party last year. At the time, she was crushed.

"When none of the kids came it was a blessing in disguise," said her mom, Jessica Barnes.

Alexis suffers from alopecia, a condition that causes hair loss. Last year hundreds of people came together to throw her a party she'll never forget. Alexis was surrounded by strangers who just wanted to show her she's loved.

"We're doing it every year now," said Alexis.

Last year, Alexis got so many toys and she donated some to charity. So now what started as a way to brighten the life of one little girl has turned into something much bigger.

"As a mom, it brings tears to your eyes to see people welcome your child," said Barnes. "We just want to bring some joy and spirit to other kids."

Every year, the community will hold Alexis Fest, a huge party with games and "snow." It'll be an opportunity to donate toys, not for Alexis, but for children in need.

"To help others that are in an orphanage and somewhere else," said Alexis.

All the toys gathered will go to orphans at the Galveston Children's Center to make their Christmas a lot brighter, and the best part is you can still help too.

All you have to do is drop off a toy at Bareback Bar and Icehouse in Spring.