I've never been to Yellowstone National Park, but it's on my short list of places I must see for myself in this lifetime. So every now and then I check in here, at the Old Faithful web cam. Sometimes I get lucky and catch it right as O.F. is doing her thing. Then, something weird happened. In June, a big thunderstorm parked itself over the area and the cloud to ground lighting shorted out my favorite web cam. The camera managed to capture one of the strikes before the device was destroyed by another hit.

The geyser, the whole park in fact, sits on top of the worlds largest 'Super Volcano.' So where is the mountainous cinder cone, you ask? It was blown apart by the last super eruption about 640,000 years ago. Some scientist say she is due to blow again soon, like within the next 1000 to 10,000 years. I just hope to make it up there within the next 10.