After a string of sexual misconduct allegations making headlines nationwide, we wanted to hear what's on the minds of Houstonians.

KHOU 11 set out with a simple mission and on a sunny Wednesday afternoon in Memorial Park, we asked people... tell us how you feel?

It wasn't easy. At first, not many people wanted to talk, but eventually we got to listen.

"It would be really easy to ignore you, but it's been on the back of my mind the entire day," said Yasmin Moayedi, who was walking by.

"This one was pretty shocking today, just being a face every single day," said Gregg Vann, pointing to Matt Lauer's picture.

Lauer was fired from NBC Wednesday morning after the network received a complaint of sexual misconduct from an unnamed staff member.

The network did not provide specific details about the allegation that resulted in Lauer’s firing but indicated that it had reason to believe it was not an isolated incident.

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"I wish they would have came (forward) when it first happened," said James Scott, another jogger.

The longer we waited, people began to open up.

"I don't care about these individuals, I suppose they're public figures and they're important because we see them or we have images because we like them as an actor, but it's the small people, the daily life. Someone that comes to your door everyday, a postman, the police officer that took advantage of his role, the doctor that maybe went to far with his physical exam, the person you trusted," said Moayedi.

"I think it changes the workplace significantly, I think it will probably open a few more doors for women," said Jim Nelson, another man walking by.

We've seen the national conversation, but how will Houston be changed?

"That's a hard subject because what can we do?" said Anita Jackson, another jogger.

"Be aware, help others and try not to be this... that's all I can say," said Vann.

"I hope that it's trickling down, they're more open to discuss it, that it's not a rarity," said Moayedi.

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