Rescues continued late Thursday evening in Bear Creek as the water remained dangerously high.

The community in west Houston was overwhelmed with floodwaters after Hurricane Harvey left devastation across south east Texas.

The National Guard rode through Bear Creek in massive transport trucks, looking for flood survivors who might have stayed behind.

Several were rescued on Thursday as trucks rode through the area, passing the post office and the fire station that were completely flooded. They even passed a daycare where the fire alarms were still sounding.

So many homes could be seen with water nearly up to the roofs. The homes closest to the Addicks Reservoir, received up to eight feet of water.

One man in the area said he was going to stay behind to protect his home from looters.

The President and Treasurer of the Bear Creek Community Association waded in water and climbed up a ladder on the side of a flood home to put up brand new Texas and American flags.

The water is not expected to recede any time soon. It could be another month before the water goes down and the cleanup process begins.

And while neighbors have a long road ahead, their hope for the future and pride for state and country remain strong.