Justina Page puts on some scrubs in the burn center at Memorial Hermann in the Texas Medical Center.

She reassures a patient who was burned in an accident.

Page is not a doctor or a nurse, but she can help burn victims heal, because she's a burn victim herself.

The home she shared with her husband and six boys went up in flames in March of 1999. Her husband, James, was able to save them all, except for one of their twins, 21-month-old Amos, who died in the blaze.

Every family member was burned to some degree.

Justina Page was in a coma for two months with severe burns on over half her body.

"When I woke up, my first thought was, 'Where is my God?'" Justina Page said.

But her faith was not gone. Far from it.

She started a non-profit organization called Amos House of Faith, aimed at providing all sorts of services to burn victims.

"The whole point is to have people hope again. I personally believe that hope is the heartbeat of survival," Justina Page said.

James Page has gone on to become a co-pastor of church. He’s quick to point out his wife helped him get there.

"She's always been a go-getter and a motivational type person, and I guess she made the lemonade out of the lemons," James Page said.

Their son, Jonathon, helps out the Amos House of Faith, often by donating money.

"One thing i feel that it did was it brought our family closer," Jonathon Page said, reflecting on the 1999 fire.

Justina Page has written four books about her life and inspiration, and she is appearing in a new locally produced faith-based movie. She hopes to raise enough money to build a facility for families of burn victims, a place for them to stay as their loved ones are being treated.

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