HOUSTON - Huge concrete boxes are the building blocks of a major road project along Beltway 8 at Fellows Road. They’re also the foundation for frustration among drivers.

“It’s really annoying because I’m late to school every day,” said one driver. “It’s making me miss my doctor’s appointment I’m trying to get to,” said another.

They say it gets beyond just bumper to bumper, especially when heavy loads are delivered.

“Couple of days ago, one that blocked it had traffic going the opposite direction,” said Omari Barnes. “The wrong way.”

Barnes lives at Brookside Gardens. It’s an apartment complex in the middle of the mess. One of his neighbors sent KHOU photos showing drivers jumping curbs in order to get out as traffic stood still.

“Pretty inconvenient right now,” said Barnes.

Residents say it would be less inconvenient if management opened a rear gate. But they told KHOU that gate is for emergencies only, despite concerns construction is causing.

“I’m hoping that they hurry up and finish as soon as possible,” said Barnes.

Deputy constables already direct traffic at certain times. And, as a result of this story, the contractor plans to make sure green lights are extended to help ease congestion and irritation.

“I don’t like it, but it needs to be done,” said a driver.

According to the contractor, this piece of the bigger Beltway/288 project should take another 45 days. Anyone with concerns, complaints, or suggestions is encouraged to share them at Drive288.com.