A 22-year-old is gunned down in a road rage incident. It’s a cold case the Harris County Sheriff’s Office needs help solving.

Christopher Holder was left paralyzed from the neck down for more than two years before he died.

"They shot at him five times, they were aiming for him,” said Linda Mackey, parent.

It happened so fast, it was hard to see.

"I believe that they don't even know they murdered him,” said Allison, a friend and eyewitness.

So fast, it was hard to heal.

"If I could trade places with you I would,” said Edward Mackey, parent.

"We love him and miss him a lot,” Linda Mackey said.

It was July 24, 2005. His best friend Allison was in another car right behind him and saw the whole thing.

“That day we decided to meet up with a couple friends at a bar down the street and had a great time, no issues, no drama, no craziness,” Allison said.

They left the Old City Pub in two separate cars, but when they turned onto FM 1960, they ran into trouble at stop light.

"Me and Chris were kinda laughing back and forth with each other about a song that was playing because he did not have a radio in his truck at the time. The car in between us had an issue with us yelling back and forth at each other and got mistaken we were yelling at him," she said.

The other car followed Chris, and someone inside started shooting. There's even still a bullet hole on the side of a nearby CVS.

“I didn't know what was happening,” Allison said.

She watched as Chris crashed into a brick wall, skidded across several lanes of traffic and rushed to his side after his truck flipped.

"He was bleeding profusely. I wrapped my hand around his neck,” she said.

Despite all this traffic, there were no other witnesses, making the job detectives do even harder.

"It's just one of those cases where you look at it and go, that could have been my brother, my dad... It could have been anybody,” said Sgt. Eric Clegg with the Harris County Cold Case Squad. “It's my opinion after looking at everything and taking everything in, I think it was just kind of a road rage incident."

They've looked back through the files, but there is little to go on except the vague description of a 4-door tan or silver sedan.

"We really need the public's help on this. I'm hoping there was someone in that vehicle has a problem with what happened, maybe they didn't come forward because they were scared and it's been bothering them since this happened,” Clegg said.

"You can be as mad as you want to be at somebody on the road, but don't take it so far to where you have to put your life at risk or somebody else's life, because those other people have family and people that care about them and a whole life to live,” Allison said.

A life his parents still think about.

"You know, Chris liked to have a good time. We'd go camping, the Guadalupe was our favorite place to go," Linda Mackey said.

However, their memories are crushed by questions.

"Who did this to our son? They should be punished. They shouldn't be free to do what they want to when he couldn't,” she said.

The Mackeys' fear if they're not ever caught, another family will become a victim, too.

“I hope they found you," Edward Mackey said.

The shooting happened on 1960 near Champion Forest Drive. If you have any information, call the Harris County Sheriff’s Office Cold Case Squad at (713) 274-9150.

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