HOUSTON -- Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland said he's waiting until all the evidence is gathered in the ticket-rigging internal investigation underway, but if his officers falsified tickets, that would be a criminal offense, McClelland said.

"We certainly had enough information and evidence that we believe that warrants an investigation," McClelland said in his decision to reassign Traffic Enforcement Officers Gregory Rosa, Robert Manzanales and John Garcia to desk duty.

A fourth officer, Rudolph Farias, shot and killed himself Tuesday in a police parking garage after learning of the internal investigation.

"I am confident that internal affairs will get to the truth," McClelland said.

Speeding ticket and patrol car GPS records obtained by the I-Team reveal how the officers in question listed one another as witnesses on speeding tickets at one location, but at the same time were writing tickets at another location.

In dozens of examples, that other location was miles away or on a completely different road. The alleged motivation for it all was to appear in court more often, and collect more overtime. The I-Team analysis uncovered nearly 100 questionable tickets over a six month time frame.

McClelland emphasized the officers in question are innocent until proven otherwise.

"We don't rush to judgment and however long it takes to get to the truth we're going to get to the truth," he said.