A North Houston man contacted KHOU 11 for help after the mechanic he hired didn't finish the job.

To make matters worse, Willie Kinch couldn't get that mechanic on the phone and had no way of getting his truck back.

He waited two months before contacting us.

"I've lost money. Lost a truck. Lost confidence in people. So I'm pretty much dangling right now," said Kinch.

Kinch's story started in November after hiring Houston's Best Mobile Mechanic to fix his brakes.

The owner, Brian Wyatt, showed up but Kinch said he didn't have the right tools and needed to tow it.

After some convincing, Kinch signed an invoice and gave Wyatt $250 dollars.

Wyatt reportedly towed the truck to his shop on Theiss Road in Humble.

Kinch tried calling but could never get a completion date. Eventually, he couldn't even get the mechanic to answer the phone.

In the meantime, Kinch had to take the bus. It was a four hour round trip Metro ride to work everyday.

"It's getting a little old but life goes on," Kinch said. "I really need my truck though."

He's an electrician with three children and one on the way. He's just trying to support his family.

When he emailed us, he used the subject line "rock bottom." He just wanted our help getting his truck back.

We tried calling the owner of Houston's Best Mobile Mechanic. He never answered. So, we sent text messages.

We decided to drive out to the shop in Humble and spotted the truck behind the building next to junk cars. It's visible from the street.

Tiffany Craig sent a text.

"Went by your shop and the truck hasn't moved"

He responded.

"Do not TRESSPASS again!"

"I will press charges if you do that again."

He also mentioned that it's not uncommon for mechanics to keep vehicles for months.

It wasn't long before Wyatt gave Kinch a letter assuring him that the truck would be fixed in two weeks. That's when we all showed back up at the shop.

It didn't go quite as planned though.

A man claiming to be an employee rolled open the garage and freed Kinch's truck.

"It's supposed to be fixed today but it isn't fixed at all," said Kinch.

No sign of the mechanic. No explanation. No nothing.

In the end, Kinch's truck was towed back home. This truck-loving Texan is going to fix it himself.

For the record, Kinch did try calling police but was told it's a civil matter. KHOU 11's legal analyst Gerald Treece said that Kinch's next step would have been to solicit help from the Justice of the Peace.