Many of you have been tearing out insulation and sheetrock already for weeks. But there’s one thing you might be forgetting about that process: It's what lies beneath your walls.

It’s the cable wire, according to Comcast.

“As homeowners rip out the ball board, they may even damage the cable a little bit here,” said Jerome Butler, senior director of field operations for Comcast. “You can nick it or cut it which causes problems down the line.”

Those problems, according to Butler, include having to have your cable company come out for a total reinstallation. He said you might be in danger of cutting other wires, too, that could lead to electrical issues.

“Take the time to do it right,” Butler said. “Be observant of the cable outlets, power outlets, making sure you get it right the first time versus doing the work and having to call us back out to do the work.”

Amy Hohulin’s Cypress house flooded several weeks ago. She said she wanted to get the moisture out as quickly as possible to avoid mold from setting in.

“We knew we didn't know what we were doing,” Hohulin said. “We were looking up YouTube videos and ended up using Xacto blade and did all the cutting with that.”

Thankfully they didn’t damage that precious wire. They’re lucky they made it out of the storm alive, too, after having to evacuate their home of just two months.

“We feel lucky, all things considered. It's hard being displaced especially with a little one, but we know it could be worse,” said Hohulin, referring to her one year old son Will.

Cable wire might seem like a trivial thing in the aftermath of a storm but many need Internet service to try and complete FEMA applications and file other forms of assistance as quickly as possible.