HOUSTON – Are you tired of spending time at the grocery store? There's a shopping trend that might be right for you.

You order online and pick it up curbside. Some call it the future of food shopping.

"It's convenient for us that's why we do it," shopper Laura Smith said.

Vanessa Haines will tell you the same thing. She's a mother of four and works full-time.

"I'm home in 30 minutes," said Vanessa. "I can't do that normally."

Some of your favorite stores have a growing number of locations offering the service.

H-E-B has Curbside. Walmart has Grocery Pickup and Kroger has ClickList.

Jason Payne is with Kroger.

"Customers absolutely love it," he said.

The service appeals to parents, older folks and anyone with a disability. It also attracts shoppers who tend to overspend.

"We hear from customers all the time that it's a money saving thing for them," explained Payne. "It keeps them from impulse buying."

Kroger and H-E-B offer the first few uses for free and then the charge for a personal shopper is $4.95.

"$5 is absolutely nothing compared to what I actually end up saving because I'm not buying random things by walking through the store," admitted Vanessa Haines.

Walmart offers the service for free with a minimum purchase of $30.

Even picky produce shoppers are in luck! You can describe how you want your fruits and vegetables.

The only complaint we've heard is an occasional expiration date issue.

"We're expecting a 3-5 day shelf life on these items and not for something to go out of date tomorrow," said Laura Smith.

About 90 percent of what's in store is available online and the prices are similar.