HOUSTON – Some people swear by couponing. They commit the time to clipping make a hobby out of it.

So we went to coupon class to find out how to use them without feeling like it's a job.

We sat in on a coupon class in Pasadena.  It's taught by Kristin Holt-Duncan, better known as Coupon Kristin!

"I'm sometimes known as what are you doing up there and why should I listen to you," she said.

Kristin is really engaging students in Couponing 101.

Nowadays, most of Kristin's coupons are digital. She recommended downloading the app for every store you might visit plus two other apps Flipp and Favado. They will help you compare weekly deals.

Kristin knows some people can get extreme with couponing.

"It is entirely possible to get carried away," she said. "People go nuts. There is no reason you need 100 boxes of toothpaste."

For great coupons on stuff you need, Kristin suggested signing up for H-E-B emails. She gets lots of $2 off coupons!

"That's free food that I got just for letting them have my email address," she said.

She also suggest paying Kroger a visit for their item known as the "loss leader." That's the one product priced under market value to get you in the door.

If you notice a great sale item at Sprouts Farmers Market, it's worth your time to go in. Kristin said that even if they're sold out of the product, you can get a rain check that never expires!

Kristin is a fan of emailing and leaving Facebook comments for companies with products she likes. She said you'd be surprised by what they might send you just for throwing out your cents!

Kristin also suggested picking up coupons on tear pads when you see them and don't forget to buy the weekend Houston Chronicle at the Dollar Tree.

Dollar Tree has an agreement with the Chron that allows them to sell the weekend editions for $1.

Kristin estimated that she spends three hours a week getting her coupons together. She buys a lot of organic items and vegetarian and her grocery bill for a family of four is between $400-600.

Kristin has a coupon cheat sheet on coupon store policies.

Store Policies by KHOU on Scribd

You can get more tips for saving at www.couponkristin.com