HOUSTON - A little girl at Edgar Allen Poe Elementary is a budding artist and wanted one HPD officer to know she is thinking of him as he recovers from an injury sustained while on the job.

Bella Nadermohammadi, 10, has a passion for drawing. Her latest inspiration is HPD Officer Nestor Garcia who was seriously injured not far from where she lives.

Early Wednesday morning, as he was conducting a traffic stop, the 24-year-old officer was hit by an SUV traveling 60 miles an hour.

“I thought it was very sad,” said Bella of the incident.

On Thursday, the officer remained in stable but critical condition.

Bella’s drawing of Garcia is somewhat abstract, but it includes a police badge and a cap.

“And I wrote 'Get better soon,'" said Bella.

“He did wake up and he’s able to follow simple commands from his doctors,” said Joseph Gamaldi with the Houston Police Officer’s Union. “Wiggling his toes, giving a thumb’s up, blinking his eyes. However, he still has a very long road ahead.”

The union is keeping tabs on the criminal case against suspect Robert Zimmerman; the 79 year-old charged with Intoxication Assault of a Public Servant.

But they’re primarily focused on Garcia’s recovery and community support is among the best medicine.

“We have people from all walks of life coming to support us, pray for us,” said Gamaldi. “And, in this case, this young girl drew a beautiful picture. It means the world to us.”

Gamaldi promised to hand-deliver Bella’s picture to the injured officer.

“I hope he feels better,” said Bella.

Garcia’s colleagues are convinced he will. HPD is planning a blood drive in Garcia’s name next month.

Meanwhile, suspect Robert Zimmerman is free on bond. He told a judge he had taken sleeping medicine hours before the incident.