Hundreds of mourners wearing matching, custom-made t-shirts filled a northeast Houston church Saturday morning, for the burial of John Hernandez.

“I’m not able to speak, excuse me.” said the teary-eyed father of John Hernandez when he was asked questions by reporters at the funeral.

Those in attendance wore white t-shirts with a photo of Hernandez, reading, “In loving memory of John A. Hernandez.”

“[Hernandez was] a loving person,” his sister, Melissa Hernandez said. “A family man, who was caring and giving. That’s what we’ll always remember about him and that’s who he was.”

The couple accused of Hernandez’s murder will be in court for their first scheduled appearance on Tuesday.

A Harris County grand jury indicted Terry Thompson and his wife, Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy Chauna Thompson for murder in the strangulation/chest-compression death of Hernandez.

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Cell-phone video shot by an eyewitness of the May 28 incident shows Terry Thompson lying on top of Hernandez’s back while holding him in a headlock in front of a Denny’s diner in Sheldon.

Eyewitnesses say Hernandez was held in the "choke hold” for longer than 10 minutes and was pronounced brain dead at the hospital.

He was taken off life support three days later.

No arrests were made until after the couple turned themselves in to authorities last Thursday, following the grand jury indictment.

They are currently free on $100,000 bonds.

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Protestors, family members of Hernandez and activists have consistently claimed favoritism was shown to the Thompsons by the responding Harris County Sheriff’s deputies the night of the incident when no arrests were made.

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez announced Friday the sheriff’s office has launched an internal investigation into the response and the seven or eight sheriff’s deputies involved that night.