Even though the latest terrorist attack happened 4,700 miles away, it still hits home for many in Houston including a pastor who used to live here but now calls Barcelona home.

“Everyone has been on edge for a while. That area has had a lot of security for the last few months,” said Nathan Harrod.

Harrod had just shared a meal with his wife near Las Ramblas. Thankfully he said she had left the area 20 minutes before the attack that killed 13 and injured at least 100 others.

“I hate to say we’re used to it but at the same time, you get kind of jaded, you get callous,” Harrod said.

He’s a pastor at a church in downtown Barcelona and has lived there for 13 years. He got married in Houston and still has family here as well.

He posted to Facebook about different ways his congregation can come together.

“A lot of people are just very troubled and so we’re just encouraging them that we're not going to live in fear and we're going to do our best to help people in this time,” Harrod said.

Angeles Duenas immediately turned to her phone as soon as the terrorist attack happened.

“I was especially worried because I have a very dear friend in Barcelona,” said Duenas, co-owner of Costa Brava Bistro in Bellaire.

Thankfully she discovered her friend and her friend's child were both safe.

“She found out what happened once she went home and turned the TV on, so that was fortunate,” she said. “It’s just a reminder of how much evil exists in the world and how we need to be stronger than evil.”

She’s from Madrid but she said she’s heartbroken for “one” Spain.

“It's the same country, so when something happens to one of us it happens to all of us,” she added.