HOUSTON – Houstonians celebrated their mayor’s Christmas Tree lighting with fireworks Friday night.

Those at the ceremony saw 4-minutes worth of fireworks. Choirs sang. Through one hour-long countdown to the lighting, Houstonians celebrated life.

“We just wanted to make (Christmas) a little extra special because we know she was a little traumatized by Harvey,” said Jovita Rodriguez, a Hurricane Harvey victim.

Flooding wrecked the family’s garage in east downtown. It also ruined their 6-year-old’s first tree.

Mildred Johnson’s three children need a tree too. They also needed time with mom, she said. So, Johnson surprised them with both.

“I haven’t had time to get the tree up and nothing else,” Johnson said. “So I was like, 'Hey, I might as well come and have a surprise and have the city of Houston put a tree up.

Johnson is a real estate broker whose east Houston office flooded and almost half her clients too. Three months later, she shares her home with relatives and works overtime rebuilding.

“So it’s really busy trying to keep everybody’s spirits up and even my spirits up, trying to float the whole family even though the business is sinking a little bit,” Johnson said.

So she surprised her children, Abel, 7, Karrena, 10, and Angel,11, with their first live concert and tree lighting.

“I actually didn’t know what this was but I love it when they light up everything,” said Angel Johnson.

That moment dropped plenty of jaws. People full of cheer standing stronger than ever.