HOUSTON - Part of getting prepared for Hurricane Harvey means stocking up on supplies, especially water. Kroger reportedly sold 80 truckloads of water on Wednesday. If you’re having trouble tracking down some bottles today, think outside-the-box.

“I have been to like four different stores. No water on the shelf. Four stores! And I just happened to say, well let me go by Fiesta,” said woman as she stood in line to pay for five one-gallon jugs of water.

From jugs, to cases, to five-gallon barrels, water is still flowing at Fiesta Mart.

The store says it ordered extra supplies about three days ago. From canned goods that will survive a power outage to classics like peanut butter, store shelves are stocked at Fiesta Marts across Houston. Folks just need to find their aisle of opportunity.

“It’s definitely getting to the point that people are getting over prepared,” said Rajean Erpar, as she set a case of bottled water down on a corner store’s counter. “So last night we went to a Kroger in Midtown. Today I’ve been to Walmart,” said Erpar. “We went to Sprouts yesterday, as well. And so now this is my final stop to get at least one more case of water.

“I mean, our sales are hitting,” exclaimed LaShonda Hawthorne, who manages the Shell gas station along I-10 near Studemont.

Houstonians continue to stop for fuel and supplies.

Corner stores sell a number of hurricane preparedness supplies like batteries, first aid kits, cell phone chargers and lighters.

“We’re trying to accommodate everyone, as much as we can,” said Hawthorne.


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