The City of Houston Director of Public Works, Karun Sreerama, is stepping down at the request of Mayor Sylvester Turner.

Sreerama was placed on paid administrative leave two weeks ago after a federal indictment named him as the victim of a bribery scheme involving Houston Community College trustee, Christopher Oliver.

Sreerama said he is "paying the price" for agreeing to help the FBI in the bribery investigation involving Oliver who had pleaded guilty.

"I was victimized by a corrupt politician, I was victimized by a corrupt official and then I worked with the FBI and I sent him to jail. The FBI will tell you if it was not for me, the person would still be out there today. He would still be out there extorting people. However, because I agreed to work with the FBI, because I agreed to go through this, my name has been dragged in the mud." said Sreerama during a press conference on Friday.

Turner issued the following statement on Friday: "Karun Sreerama has accomplished much in Houston as a businessman and involved citizen. I am sure he will continue to be an asset to our community.

However he and I have agreed that it would be best for the city for him to step down as director of the city Public Works and Engineering Department. Carol Haddock will continue to serve as acting director until I choose a new director."