HOUSTON - Staff Sgt. Jimmy Moriarty, 27, of Houston, and two other American soldiers were shot and killed outside a Jordanian military base earlier this week.

The men were helping to train Jordanian soldiers to fight ISIS at the King Faisal Air Base in Al-Jafr, Jordan.
Moriarty's family received the news late Friday night when a member of the armed forces knocked on their door.

"The toughest part, other than that knock on the door is not knowing exactly what happened," said family spokesman Wayne Dolcefino. "They deserve answers."

Initial reports called the shooting an accident or misunderstanding and said the soldiers failed to stop at a security check point.

But now, the family is being told the American soldiers were intentionally shot by armed assailants and that a manhunt is underway to find them.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said the U.S. was focused on "getting to the bottom" of what happened and expected Jordanian cooperation in the investigation.

Moriarty is a graduate of the University of Texas and Strake Jesuit High School.