You don't have to look far to see that Houston is beaming with pride for our talented baseball team.

Different landmarks around town are shining bright for the 'Stros. The city is lit in blue and orange.

The city’s skyline is glowing in Astro's colors, but you don't have to look to the top of skyscrapers to know what's on our minds.

Nope, we can bridge that gap in Montrose, where there's a color for every occasion, and on the seven bridges spanning 59, tonight there are only two shades that are needed.

Water is falling down this massive fountain in the Medical Center, what other colors could it be? Blue and Orange, of course.

It's the World Series and Houston is glowing for it.

Now, downtown might be slow Thursday night, but that will definitely change on Friday as Game 3 kicks off.

If you're planning to go downtown Friday afternoon or evening, be patient, and remember this is Houston, and there will be major traffic.