HOUSTON- It’s one thing to have faith. It’s a whole different thing to feel like you’re completely alone. But in sharing their stories of the storm, one family is finding out we’re all in this together.

Bound by their belief, The Community of Faith feels more like a family than a church.

“People are suffering beyond our comprehension,” said Bishop James Dixon.

Where there’s hurt, there’s an opportunity for healing.

For the last two Sunday’s since Harvey dumped several feet of water on Houston, Bishop Dixon has been urging people to share their storm stories.

On Sunday, within a group of people who lost their roofs, their cars and their jobs, is the Ventura family.

“It’s bad. Our home was already weak, because it’s old. So I guess when the storm came, it made it 10 times worse,” said Kenia Ventura.

The Ventura family needed a leg up before Harvey. Their old home already needed major repairs, but after the storm, it seemed as though the only thing that could fix the family’s house was a miracle.

“They’re going to try and rebuild our house. Rebuild the whole house. Best news I’ve ever heard. It’s a relief.” said Ventura.

Bishop Dixon is working with a local builder to give the family a safe place to live. The church put them in a hotel for now.

Dixon learned of the family after a member shared their story with him. The Ventura’s hadn’t attended service at Community of Faith before today and while the church can’t yet swing a brand new home for everyone in need, members are continuing to help the community any way they can.

“To say to a person 'I’m praying for you' and they’re living in abject poverty, that’s good. But also be the answer to that person’s prayer,” said Dixon.