KAUFMAN, Texas -- A Gun Barrel City police officer put himself in harms way but not for a stranger. In this case, it was for his wife.

For the last 10 months, the Parras haven't had a dining room. Instead, the room has become their makeshift dialysis clinic.

"That machine is leaving in two days and ... I think is the most important part of this so far, I can't wait to transform this room into what it's supposed to be instead of a medical room," said Misty Parras.

Misty has dealt with kidney disease for 15 years. Just last year, doctors told her that her kidney was failing. Victor Parras, Misty's husband, played the role of caretaker. But the Gun Barrel City police officer couldn't bear to watch his wife suffer.

"There was more that I can do than just stand around and watch her go through it all," Victor said.

Back in February, the Parras learned they wouldn't have to wait for a donor because the the high school sweethearts were a perfect match. On March 28, they both went under the knife.

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"When someone loves you as much as they do, they'll do anything for you and I know he does," Misty said.

The surgery was a success. And just hours after going under the knife, Misty and Victor saw each other for the first time via FaceTime.

"We're just smiling and so happy that it's done and over and everything went great," Misty said.

"My main concern was making sure that she was okay; how she was doing," her husband said. "I felt pretty decent for the most part."

It's only been a week but the difference is dramatic. Both are up and moving and Victor should be back at work in a little more than a month.

"I feel like I am going to be able to live normally again, eventually, sitting in this dialysis chair for hours and hours a week I don't have to do that anymore," Misty said.

"I'm just glad that I could make her have a better quality of life," Victor said. "I'm glad I could help participate in life."

By next week, the machine is moving out. In its place is a dining room table. Something that they both say couldn't come some soon enough.