Houston Congressman Ted Poe shared some good news Thursday after he was sworn in for his seventh term. Poe has been battling leukemia for several months.

“Being sworn in is always an honor and a privilege, but this year is even more special for me. I am happy to also announce today that I am in remission from Leukemia,” Poe said in a statement. “My fight is not yet over, but the progress that has been made in the last six months has been nothing short of miraculous, thanks to the Good Lord, the experts at MD Anderson Cancer Center, and the support and prayers of my family, friends, colleagues, staff and all of you.”

Poe pointed out that remission does not mean “cancer free” so he will continue to receive treatment in Houston and Washington.

The former judge said he has high hopes for this session of Congress.

“With conservative control of both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue, I am confident that things will be different. As the President-elect has said, it is time to put America first. I can’t wait to get moving,” Poe said. “After a challenging six months, I am grateful to be able to be here in Washington doing what I love to do: fight for Texas.”

Poe represents the Second Congressional District of Texas.