HARRIS COUNTY, Texas - Legacy Community Health has backed off of its report that six pregnant women in Harris County have tested positive for the Zika virus.

Legacy said Thursday it recently got confirmation on the Zika results from the CDC and notified Harris County Public Health on Thursday.

On Friday, Legacy's Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ann Barnes issued the following statement:

"Legacy Community Health, in conjunction with Harris County Public Health and Houston Health Department, has since conducted an in-depth review of the six Zika occurrences the health center announced yesterday morning. As a result of that review, we can only confirm the individuals were exposed to a flavivirus, which can include Zika as well as other viruses. The laboratory results do not provide a conclusive diagnosis that the women became infected specifically with Zika virus. Legacy regrets the error."

Legacy said Thursday all six of the women traveled out of the country to areas where Zika is prevalent so they were closely monitored during their pregnancies. They said the babies appear to be healthy.