SAN ANTONIO -- Blood may be thicker than water, but sometimes the same blood can carry the same illness.

Chris and Nathaniel Gonzales both love horror movies and both love Halloween. Both are also battling cancer.

Nathaniel, 22, found out he had stage two testicular cancer in February. But that wasn't all.

"The same day I was diagnosed with that I also found out I had Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome, an irregularity in a heartbeat," Nathaniel Gonzales.

Before they could take on the cancer, they had to fix his heart.

"I had to go to get surgery for that first, which was an ablation where they basically cauterize your heart," Nathaniel explained

That was in March, then came three rounds of chemo.

"And I just finished last month and now waiting to see if there is any recurrence of the cancer, if it comes back or stays diminished," Nathaniel said.

While all that was going on, just two months ago in August, his 24-year-old brother Chris found out he had cancer too.

"One day I just had to go to the emergency room to see what it was and they told me it was testicular cancer," said Chris, who added that that's not where the cancer seemed to stop. "They found lymph nodes in my stomach suggesting that it might've spread."

Their mother now knew two of her three baby boys were suffering. How'd she take it?

"Scared, sad, and worried," said Chris of his mother.

"I honestly think my father is taking it worse," Nathaniel added. "He is severely stressed. You can actually see it on him."

Another stressor was money. Nathaniel had just started a new job and insurance hadn't kicked in. Meanwhile, Chris wasn't covered when he was diagnosed either.

"The bills are stacking up too, and it's never ending." Chris explained. "It just feels like you are sinking into piles of debt that you are never going to be able to pay off."

So, for now, they both have to decide which mental hurdle to take on first: the bills or the disease. Both need to be beat.

On Saturday morning at 10 a.m., a benefit is being held to help cover medical expenses for the two brothers at Headstrong Crossfit on Talley Road. A charge of $20 gets you a meal ticket and the workout of the day. Just check out the Facebook link for more details.