It's a tedious routine for one Plant High School Junior. Emily Conrad pricks her finger 8-12 times a day to test her insulin level.

"Most people when you tell them 'oh hey, I'm a Type 1 diabetic' their first automatic assumption is 'oh, so you ate too much sugar'," Conrad said.

So many misconceptions about a disease where the body just doesn't produce insulin that is needed to break down sugars and starches, that Conrad started her own club, the "Dead Pancreas Society," to raise money and raise awareness about Type 1 Diabetes.

"That's where the 'sick of the pricks' came from," said Mary Graminski, Emily's mom.

Graminski designed the shirts for the club to wear on a Type 1 diabetes walk last year. The team got first place for the T-shirt design with "Sick of the Pricks" on the front, and a hand reaching from the grave on the back with a heart shaped pin-prick on the index finger.

"It's the worst part, pricking your finger," Conrad said.

On World Diabetes Day, Conrad decided to wear her shirt to school. She believed it was a great opportunity to continue her mission of spreading awareness.

"Her shirt was taken away because she got a dress code violation," Graminski said.

Conrad was picked up by her mom who wanted an explanation from the school. She says the school told her that the shirt was offensive to some people.

"I think there's a lot of oversensitivity," Graminski said. "This is not an anti-Trump shirt or anything like that."

Conrad says she won't wear the shirt to school again after this, but she will continue to deal with all the pricks.