HOUSTON - Texas is the worst state in the country for allergy sufferers right now, according to the website www.pollen.com .

The site is reporting Houston currently has medium-high levels of pollen. Allergy sufferers have been asking KHOU 11 News if there is something that is making allergies worse right now. A local doctor says the issues are both seasonal and related to Hurricane Harvey.

“I think with the hurricane there is an increase in mold, an increase in pollen, increase in things that can exacerbate allergies and make symptoms worse,” said Dr. Manish Wami, M.D. with Texas ENT.

Dr. Wami says he has been seeing an uptick in patients as well and says the best thing they can do for immediate relief is nasal irrigation.

“Really wash out your nose,” Wami said. “We have patients who do it three four times a day. You really can’t do it enough.”

Dr. Wami says if someone really wants to know what is setting off their allergies he has a test that he can perform that gauges an individual’s sensitivity to Houston’s top 40 most-common allergens.

Some allergy sufferers swear by bee pollen and local honey. At Dan’s Vitamin House in Bellaire you can order a smoothie sprinkled with bee pollen.

The pollen spores are thought to increase a person’s immunity to certain allergens over time.

“Bee pollen kind of works similar to like allergy shots,” said Dan’s Vitamin House owner Dan Breckenridge. “When you’re taking a small dose on a regular basis it allows for your body to build up a tolerance to all the pollen that’s in the air.”

Dr. Wami says supplement treatment has not been proven medically effective but encourages anyone who finds a method that works for them, to keep doing it.