HOUSTON – Axis Aerial Arts in Jersey Village offers "cirque" style workouts that build core strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and abdominal tightness, said owner Rachel Tisdale.

At Axis, adults and children use poles, hanging hoops, silks, rings and straps to dance and flip and move.

Tisdale got into "poling" when she was 50 pounds overweight after having a baby. She also has severe scoliosis, a pronounced curvature of her spine.

She taught herself how to workout on a pole, she said. Since then she has received extensive professional training.

Poling greatly strengthened her core and back muscles to the point where she is able to stand straight, Tisdale said. She has the flexibility of a gymnast and the strength of a ballerina.

Tisdale admits she's not a strict dieter, eating her share of Whataburgers, but her pole and aerial workouts keep her petite figure trim.

Axis now offers a kids' camp and the little ones have a competition coming up in a few weeks.

For more info, visit: https://www.axispolefitness.com/