ST. PAUL, Minn. (CBS) -- Of all the deliveries Santa could have made Christmas morning, the precious gift in Hannah Lindeman's arms is the last one she expected. "I wasn't due until January 21," the 31-year-old, who started the day with only two daughters, told CBS Minnesota.

Her newborn daughter, Poppy, decided to come early. Hannah said the contractions came on strong and painful as she was celebrating the holiday with relatives in Chisago County, north of Minneapolis.

"Finally, somebody in the room said, 'OK, we're done trying to open presents. You guys are gonna go to the hospital,"' she said.

Along Highway 8 just south of Chisago City, Poppy once again intervened. Hannah said she could feel the baby coming, so she told her husband, Taylor Lindeman, to call 911 as they were driving.

"It didn't really occur to me until I was calling 911 that [the birth] might actually not take place where it's supposed to take place," he said.

Dispatcher Jake Prager took the call. On the job for a little more than a year, he said he's learned to expect the unexpected when the phone rings. Once he learned Hannah was in labor, he told the couple to pull over. Police and paramedics were called in, but Prager knew the baby likely wasn't going to wait for them.

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