HOUSTON – Pressure from insurance companies forced a Webster pediatrician to change her practice.

Dr. Angelina Farella targets parents with unreachable deductibles able to pay out-of-pocket. She no longer accepts insurance or keeps long office hours. Instead, she spends more time with patients.

Last year, we met Dr. Farella spending her retirement to keep her practice “A Brighter Tomorrow Pediatrics” open and independent. Not sure when, if or how patient insurance companies would pay, Dr. Farella went from seeing 35-40 patients a day to 10.

“I fell off the cliff and caught the grid,” she said laughing.

Now, she’s working with smaller budgets. She spends up to two hours in consultations and less time in her office unless called.

“We’re doing some house calls,” she said. “We’re going back to the old fashioned way of doing things and so that’s pretty exciting. It’s different.”

It also allows her one day a week to visit places like MarCo Specialty Steel. It is a small business with 25 employees. The owners, concerned about employees catching and/or spreading the flu, bought vaccines and called in Dr. Farella to give everyone shots.

“You start losing one, two or three (employees) and you’ve got 25-percent of your staff gone,” Russell Mapes, co-owner of MarCo Specialty Steel said.

Those kinds of outreach clinics help Farella share her passion of keeping people healthy and allows her to recruit new patients.