HOUSTON – Do you feel like you look older than you actually are?

A lot of people do and "liquid lunchtime facelifts" are becoming a big trend for the busy.

"I am older, and I want to look my best but I'm not trying to look 25 either," Beth Cassidy-Garcia said.

Cassidy-Garcia is a high-profile Realtor who works very long days.

To battle her fine lines and wrinkles, she needs big results, little downtime. That's why she's seeing Dr. Franklin Rose for a liquid lunchtime facelift.

"Doing these types of procedures have helped me not to look as stressed as I am," Cassidy-Garcia said.

Rose uses a combination of non-invasive procedures, typically Botox, fillers and a skin pen, which turn back the clock.

"It stimulates the collagen fibers as well. It exfoliates the outer tissues. Allows new baby collagen fibers to grow. It rejuvenates the skin. Our patients just adore it," Rose said.

After a little numbing, Cassidy-Garcia is in and out in about an hour with dramatic results.   

"A regular facelift might turn back the clock back 12 to 14 years. This might turn it back several years depending on how much Botox, fillers and skin pen treatment," Rose explained. 

The cost? Around a $1,000. It's these small procedures once in a while that Cassidy-Garcia's husband Roy can appreciate.  

"He's like, don't do anything. I want you to always look the same but he's happy when people say I look younger than I am," she said.