The flu has gotten so bad this season, a school in the Hill Country will be shut down for at least two days because of an outbreak. The small town of Hunt, outside of Kerrville, has dozens of kids that came down with the flu or were showing flu-like symptoms.

The Hunt school serves pre-k students to 8th grade and classes were canceled early Tuesday.

“It’s the talk of the town. A small town like this, obviously this is big news. Not much happens here,” said John Dunn who owns The Hunt Store.

That big news, though, is not good news. About 50 of the 169 students that attend The Hunt School came down with the flu or had flu-like symptoms. The superintendent said that attendance at the school dropped from about 98 percent to less than 75 percent. The district also canceled classes for at least 48 hours so they can disinfect everything from classrooms to school buses.

A lot of students go to Kerrville Pediatrics and see Dr. Chris Meriwether. He says that, while Hunt was hit really hard, Kerrville is not far behind.

“Yesterday we had over 30 cases of flu. That was just the flu cases. My schedule has 60 some odd people today, which, on a normal day, we see 30 or 40. So it’s pretty much double,” Dr. Meriwether said.

Dr. Meriwether added that some years are just worse than others when it comes to the flu. However, he also noted that one thing contributing to the problem is that some students are getting type-B flu and the vaccine protects better against type-A. And then, some students just didn’t get a flu shot at all.

“Most of the kids we've been seeing have not been vaccinated. There are some that have been, but most have not been,” Dr. Meriwether said.

The Hunt School is expected to resume Thursday, but that could change. The district is also asking parents to keep their kids home until they are fever free for at least 48 hours.