AUSTIN, Texas -- Doctors in the Austin area report seeing more and more cases of the flu, especially among children.

"This year's flu season has finally seemed to hit us hard," said Dr. Coburn Allen with Dell Children Medical Center.

"These last few weeks we've seen a significant peak in children."

Dell Children's said they are seeing near-record levels of kids with flu-like symptoms -- more than 300 patients a day.

The reason for it may be due to a new strain -- the H3N2.

The symptoms are still the same as most flu strains with coughing, sneezing, fever and body aches.

The best way to prevent it is by getting a vaccine.

"If you're vaccinated as an adult we know that your chance of dying from the flu is cut in half," said Dr. Allen. "So for anyone who says the flu vaccine doesn't work, it's not a great vaccine, the truth is it prevents on average about 50 percent of cases."

Even if you've already had the flu the vaccine may protect you from the other three strains out there.

Pharmacists say the flu shot is often covered by insurance. If not, the most you'll have to pay is likely $40, though most shots go for $20.