With the new year comes new goals. For many that means getting into shape, which is why fitness centers are gearing up for a big rush of new members.

"It's an age-old resolution, like 'I'm going to work out this year' or 'I'm going to make a fitness plan' or 'I'm going to eat differently," said fitness instructor Tracy Walker, who has been teaching at BodyBusiness for 18 years.

Walker says that around this time of the year gyms everywhere see an influx in memberships and although new members start off on the right foot, many tend to throw in the towel after just a few weeks.

"If we go too far one way or the other for a goal or a habit we are trying to change, we're bound to fail," Walker explained.

Instead, Walker recommends to start off small if you want to make routines stick. This could mean swapping out coffee for tea or working out for 20 minutes a couple of times per week.

"Really get into your own groove and get into your own body's potential," Walker suggested. She recommends getting a partner to hold you accountable, but not to compare yourself to their progress. Find activities and workouts that you feel comfortable with.

"And enjoy what you enjoy doing, because that's the key. If you enjoy doing it, you'll keep doing it," Walker said.

Give yourself at least six weeks to not only create a new habit but to see results.