DENVER (CBS4) – A young Colorado girl is on a mission to have medical marijuana legalized across the country.

Alexis Bortell, 12, used to have seizures every few days. She has now been seizure free for the last 974 days, which is more than two and a half years.

Bortell and her family say an oil made from marijuana is the reason for the success.

But, her family had to move to Colorado from Texas in order to use it. Now, her family and a handful of others are suing Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Drug Enforcement Administration.

“Do you think it’s unfair that this medicine is not available to everybody in the United States?” Bortell was asked. “I think it’s really unfair, because I feel like they’re basically punishing us because we’re sick,” she said.

Some experts say more research needs to be done about the drug and how it helps illnesses.

The D.E.A. and Justice Department have not commented about the lawsuit.