(CBS NEWS) - A grieving family has a warning for other families after the sudden death of a model and single mother. This week, the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office confirmed 34-year-old Katie May’s death after a stroke in February was caused by an injury at a chiropractor’s office.

Katie May was the self-proclaimed “queen of Snapchat” and had more than two million followers on Instagram.

While her family is trying to move forward, they also want to warn others about went wrong, reports CBS News correspondent Michelle Miller.

Days before the 34-year-old died in February, she posted on Twitter that she’d pinched a nerve in her neck at a photoshoot and was going to visit a chiropractor. Friends said she became sick a few hours after her appointment and was taken to the emergency room. She was pronounced brain dead the next day and taken off life support.

“This is actually more common than people think -- that people get over-adjusted and there’s a tear and it causes a stroke and death,” said Ronald Richards, Katie May estate’s lawyer.

“You always feel, think like, ‘This won’t happen to my family, this sort of thing won’t happen to my family,’ but it did,” a tearful Mitchell said.

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