Houston, TX -- Chances are you or someone you know has the flu. The CDC says the virus is widespread in Texas.

Houston health department officials say the flu is to blame for ten percent of all emergency room visits in the city. They also stress it's not too late to get vaccinated.

“Typically five or four percent of cases showing up at the emergency rooms are due to flu-like symptoms. This year we’re at 10 so it is high,” said Porfidio Villarreal, Houston Health Department.

He says young children are most at risk.

“Right now, the group that’s most impacted here in Houston are children four and under. We’re seeing 41 percent of the emergency room visits due to flu-like symptoms are in children under four,” said Villarreal.

He says the best recommendation is to get the flu vaccine.

With schools starting Monday, school districts also remind parents to keep kids at home if they have a fever.