An excessive amount of caffeine ultimately led to the death of a high school student last month in Columbia, South Carolina, a coroner announced Monday.

Davis Allen Cripe, 16. Cripe collapsed at school back on April 26, and later died at the hospital.

Richland County Coroner Gary Watts said the teen had consumed multiple caffeinated drinks that day, including a large diet Mountain Dew, a cafe latte and some kind of energy drink.

All that caffeine led to a cardiac event that killed Cripe.

"We lost Davis from a totally legal substance," Watts said.

"[Cripe] was totally against drugs, he was totally against alcohol," Watts added. "He didn't do any of that."

Watts said, like many, Cripe was doing something he thought was totally harmless, but Watts said the drinks can be very dangerous.

He said he urges people not to consume them.

An initial autopsy done on the boy did could not reveal the cause of death. Further tests were needed to reach the conclusion announced Monday.