DALLAS (WFAA) -- A new year brings renewed vows to get in shape and a bevy of new, innovative online workouts might make resolutions last a little longer in 2018. Whether it is on YouTube, an exercise app, or streaming subscription services like Peloton, working out from home is no longer limited to a one-size-fits-all routine.

“Home workouts have been happening since the beginning of time going back to the Jane Fonda and Tae Bo workout tapes,” said Brit Rettig. She teaches group classes at GRIT Fitness in the Dallas Design District,but launched her new app four months allowing anyone to attend her class from anywhere in the world.

“You see the real sweat, you see people working hard,” she said. “We wanted to provide a solution for members who wanted to workout at home.”

She simply sets a live stream camera at the front of the studio for her regular classes, and just like that, the workout can be seen anywhere. In addition to the live classes, the GRIT by Brit smartphone app has several pre-recorded exercises and routines allowing the user to customize and tailor their workout in a way previous generations of home workouts could not.

“This is the new way we workout at home,” Rettig said. “It has to be more interactive, more authentic, and more real time.”

Rettig's app costs $9.99 and she said she is consistently trying to update the exercises to keep workouts varied and dynamic just as she would in-person classes. A Peloton bicycle costs nearly $2000 and also requires a monthly subscription. YouTube is also filled with videos of all kinds of workouts that can be accessed for free.

But regardless of the cost, health and wellness coach Vickie Griffith said their effectiveness or success still ultimately depends on the individual person.

“It has to be customized to each person,” said Griffith. “They know what workout is best for their body type.”

Griffith has done one-on-one training for 18 years and has also evolved with the changing technologies. She has a YouTube channel with workout videos to help supplement her clients' training routines and serve as a tool to reach more people.

“With YouTube, I have gotten a lot of great feedback. I want to reach those people that are apprehensive about going to a gym or meeting with me.”

Still, she says there are some things that can only be gained with in person sessions.

“I still believe you have to assess the person,” she said about picking the best workout for her clients. “There is a need for both (online and in-person) workouts. I do not think it is an “either or” type thing.”