CVS Health said Thursday that it would sell a generic version of an EpiPen competitor for a lower list price in a bid to tap into a groundswell of public resentment over skyrocketing drug costs, including fresh attacks by President-elect Donald Trump.

The nation’s largest drug-store chain said Thursday that it would sell the generic version of Impax Laboratories’ Adrenaclick treatment for $109.99 per two-pack before potential discounts, or about one-third the initial $300 list price of pharmaceutical giant Mylan’s new generic EpiPen.

The move comes amid public consternation over multiple price increases that left the brand-name allergic-reaction treatment EpiPen with a list price of more than $600, up from about $100 in 2009.

Trump attacked drugmakers on Wednesday for sharp hikes in drug prices. Outrage over steep increases and the corresponding profit boon for drugmakers is one of few bipartisan matters in Washington, although disagreements over how to address the matter have prevented action.

"They're getting away with murder," Trump said Wednesday of drug companies, whose stocks plunged afterward.

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